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What is chiptuning?

Chiptuning is a process whereas file from engine control module is modified depending on your needs. Factory file may be the best for your cars longevity and warranty requirements, but in most cases your car is capable of much more power, fuel economy and overall driving satisfaction. Working together with our clients and making 10000+ files each year, we summarize feedback and dyno charts letting us know what is the best solution for every car depending on make, model and production date for every specific engine.

What makes you choose us?
Our support widthstands every confusion, technical problem or any other problems that will appear. Remember, chiptuning is not simple and can be very complex depending on your car.

Our expierience?
While making thousands of files for domestic users every year since 2015, we have a very big knowledge and real life expierence. As of 2021 we are offering our service worldwide.

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