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We offer the ultimate online chiptuning platform for any car for individuals and professionals.

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Tune options

We offer following tuning options
  • EGR Removal
  • DPF/FAP Delete
  • SCR/AdBlue OFF
  • Full Decat/Second Lambda Deactivation
  • Exhaust Flap Disable
  • Speed limited / Vmax modify
  • DTC’s selectivity OFF
  • EVAP System Secondary System Disable
  • Trottle Valve TVA / Swirl valve / Flaps Disable
  • Glow plug monitoring OFF
  • CVN Fixing (warranty patch)
  • Stage 1 / 2 / 3 tuning files

About us

High quality tuning files. You can trust our chip tuning files. We conduct extensive road and dyno testing to make sure all our files are safe and of the highest quality. 95% of our files are DYNO tested.

We can tune your engine to provide more power for better performance, more torque at lower RPM for a powerful and smooth ride, and optimal fuel efficiency.

Tune your ride in hours

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